Environmentally-friendly processes.

What happens to your leased assets after you’re done with them? If you don’t know, your organization could be at risk. The legal penalties and PR issues that come with improper handling of equipment are serious and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Don’t get caught out.

At CSI, we first concentrate on the best kind of recycling—reusing the equipment by wiping the hard drives clean and reselling it to another user. However, in instances when IT equipment cannot be remarketed, CSI will salvage the core components for spare parts, with the remaining waste being recycled in line with current legislation.

We aim to fully de-manufacture obsolete and defective equipment in a responsible manner through full compliance with the DEEE Directive. Additionally, our wholly-owned subsidiary, CSI Lifecycle Services, is compliant and registered with the Environment Agency (NCC/059442/2011) as an Approved Treatment Facility (ATF).

Rest assured, your electronic waste is being handled responsibly.