Intelligent ICT options for the education sector.

With budgets being a main concern, schools, colleges and universities looking to offer students the best in information and communication technology (ICT) face considerable challenges. CSI Leasing provides a cost-effective solution by removing the risks and expenses of equipment ownership. We can help you acquire state-of-the-art, energy-efficient systems that lower ICT costs, while also providing DEEE-compliant disposal.

CSI Leasing understands the challenges that the education sector faces. We can put together a lease program that fits your needs and your budget. Since we are independent of manufacturers, you can acquire any type of ICT equipment you need, from TFTs and interactive whiteboards to projectors, all within your existing supply agreements.

Leasing also stretches your technology budget, allowing you to spread the cost and the VAT over the useful life of the equipment. Take some time to explore the other benefits of leasing to determine if it is a good fit for your school.